1.     Flexible Scalability for Global Enterprises

The Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise IP Communication portfolio offers a wide choice of configurations fitting the needs of any national or international large companies.

It is applicable to large and extra large Enterprises, characterized by a large workforce operating in centralized, distributed and/or networked IP Telephony infrastructures, over several time-zones.

The OmniPCX Enterprise supports 100.000+ users and up to 250 ABC-F networks, offering consistant business communication services across the enterprise.

2.     Multiple SIP scenarios for reducing communication costs

OmniPCX Enterprise offers new IP-based communication cost savings opportunities.

Based on public SIP trunking, it is applicable to off-net and on-net communication cost control.

Established interworking processes and deployments with more than 30 SIP trunking carriers offering a wide choice of market offers.

3.     Innovative User Experience with My Instant Communicator

Alcatel-Lucent My Instant Communicator provides an innovative multi-device user experience, intuitive collaboration and applications interaction fully integrated in the IT environment.

IM and presence access from the IP Touch enables the new generation of users with alternative communication usages.

The IP Touch is the first IP phone which provides easy IM and directory access from an integrated alpha-keyboard.

4.     Innovative business model based on User Profiles

Alcatel-Lucent User Profile simply offers the most efficient communication workplace in line with enterprise employees requirements.

The User Profiles focus on usages and communication needs speeding-up the adoption of added value communication applications within the enterprise.

5 User Profiles offer powerful option packs for a crisp response to workforce needs.

5.     Feature rich communications for mobile workers

Alcatel-Lucent IP Communications offers to enterprise mobile professionals a full set of advanced business communication services.

On-site and off-site mobile professionals benefit from feature rich communications while optimizing communication costs.

Alcatel-Lucent mobile clients associated with SIP technology offer OmniPCX Enterprise feature-rich environment to the mobile workforce using Nokia ICC or Windows Mobile 6 handhelds.

6.     IP Touch Extended Edition: a consistent range of desktop phones for the best
user experience

The IP desktop phones range combines future proof technology with outstanding user experience.

The new 10 gigabit Ethernet range incorporates feature-rich NOE technology and a SIP stack maximizing business continuity.

IP Touch Extended Edition devices: 10/100/1000 Ethernet at enterprise price point, with NOE and SIP innovative dual stack technologyguarantee future-proof investment.

7.     Highest Communications Availability

Alcatel-Lucent IP Communications guarantee a reliable business communication continuity thanks to multiple availability mechanisms: geographic redundancy, Passive Communication Server, ISDN back-up for signaling and SIP dual-stack on IP Touch.

As a consequence this provides cost effective availability to central HQ, regional locations down to remote branch offices.

The OmniPCX Enterprise portfolio enriches availability mechanisms with innovative SIP rescue service for small and very small branch offices.

8.     Flexibility of hybrid architecture in line with Enterprise growth & transformations

Alcatel-Lucent IP Communications are based on a hybrid architecture that provides unrivalled flexibility for transformation of the communication network.

It addresses the installed base evolution towards IP and simplifies the integration of new sites into enterprise corporate communication networks.

In addition to architectural flexibility commercial programs as well as Installed Base Transformation tools simplify the transformation.

9.     Most standard SIP implementation

Alcatel-Lucent provides the most standard SIP implementation, making it the most interoperable and future proof on the market.

Despite the fact that SIP is two to five years from main stream adoption, Alcatel-Lucent provides scenarios today where SIP makes sense in terms of cost control - SIP trunking, connection of low cost SIP phones - and of business continuity - use of survivable IP Phones with a SIP dual stack.

Alcatel-Lucent has the most standard implementation on the market, unlike many suppliers, it is not based on any proprietary RFC, nor RFC draft implementations.

10. Reactive performance operation management

The VitalSuite performance management suite provides a personalized view of end-to-end Network, Application and Business Transaction performance.

It provides comprehensive voice, data, and application metrics for near-real time trouble shooting and complete view of service performance.

VitalSuite and OmniPCX Enterprise simplify the support for VoIP Service Level Agreements.