The fully electronic digital

Hotel Communications System.

Alcatel 5200 BCN.



The Alcatel 5200 BCN as a hotel communications system

A newly developed version of the Alcatel 5200 BCN system is now available to meet the special demands placed on a communications system in the hotel industry.

The Alcatel 5200 BCN is a fully electronic digital hotel communications system in three different capacity stages that can be optimally and economically adapted to your needs.

A variety of features developed especially for the needs of the hotel industry provide the greatest amount of convenience and security for both guests and hotel personnel.



Guest phone features:

  Emergency number/children's phone

  Direct dialling for local and long­distance calls

• Automatic wake-up call 9 Fire alarm signalling

• Single-digit codes for calling in-house services

• 9 Message waiting

• Service number listing for guest phones

• Voice Announcements

Service phone features:

9 Indication of calling room number

  Queuing for up to 4 guest calls when service phone busy with reminder signal or service phone with multiline function

  Initiation and monitoring of message waiting feature


Administration phone features:

  Booking on extension

  Abbreviated dialling

  Last number repeat dialling

  Repeat dialling

  Call diversion free

  Follow me


  Manager/Secretary function

  Multiline phones

  Call pick-up

In addition to the above-mentioned features the system offers all other communication features and advantages of the Alcatel 5200 BCN system family to the administration personnel.

When using multiline phones as service telephones waiting calls are indicated by a flashing light. Answering the call is easily possible only by pressing the corresponding line button. The first call will be put on hold position auto­matically. Broker's call is possible.

Operator console features:

  Change individual internal barring forguest to guest calls (group separation)

• Activation of individual or time switched barring for DDI-calls

Direct call transfer

Call announce

Last number repeat dialling

Repeat dialling

Abbreviated dialling

Time/date display

Initiating and monitoring of wake-up call

Individual change of Class of Service for guest phones

"Do not disturb" control and override

Night service 1 Automatic Night Service for unanswered calls 1 Alphanumeric display for optimal user guideance 1 Busy lamp and display field > Initiation and monitoring of message waiting feature

System features:

  Interface to radio paging system

  Interface to loudspeaker system

  Connection of door loudspeaker and door opener

  Interface to a fire monitoring system

  Fire alarm signalling

  Flexible numbering plan/room number correlation

  Direct Dialling In (DDI) and blocking for DDI

• Group separation of guest and administration phones (internal barring)

  Charge metering (SMDR)

  Interface to hotel computer

Technical Data.


  Digital system with Pulse Code Modu­lation (PCM) and Time Division Multi­plexing (TDM)

  According to CCITT and CEPT standards

  PCM 32 channel system

  64 KBit/s per channel or port

— Stored Program Control

  Multiprocessor architecture

System Capacity:

  A single, unified system family for the whole field of communications

  Modular and essentially free assign­ment of ports to internal or external connections

— Total accessibility, non-blocking digital switching network

System equipment:

— Only two modular types of cabinets. Wall mounted or floor standing

  Cabinet including Power Supply

  External Distribution Frame


  Trunk lines or special lines: 4 per board

  Extension lines: 16 or 8 per board


Telephone line network for integrated analog and/or digital communications


CCITT multifrequency (DTMF) or quickstep pushbutton dialling, rotary dialling

Power supply:

110, 127, 240 Veff ±10%, 50/60 Hz 220 Veff -15%, +10%, 50/60 Hz Emergency power battery with input voltage of —44 to —54 V DC/DC unit in cabinet, AC/DC charger and battery located outside of cabinet

Power consumption:

<, 2.5 W per port for systems with 120 usable ports

< 2.0 W per port for systems with than 120 usable ports

Environmental conditions:


— 20—90% relative humidity

— Without forced cooling up to more

Operator console:

  Can be used for system administration, diagnosis and maintenance


*Standard Operator Console:

Height = 150 mm, Width = 480 mm,

Depth = 320 mm


Keyboard incl. handset:

Height = 95 mm, Width = 323 mm,

Depth = 235 mm

Visual Display Unit (VDU):

Height = 323 mm, Width = 323 mm, Depth = 298 mm


Alcatel Business Systems

Kommunikationsplatz 1 . POB 1 16 . A-121 1 Vienna Tel. +43 1 / 277 55-0 . Telex 1 15665 . Fax +43 1 / 277 55-5501