UA Recording Interface


3BD11094AB recording interface for the 4300L

3BD19160AC recording interface for the 4400

3BD19160AB recording interface for the 4220



Feature Description

This device allows the connection of a tape recorder behind UA telephone set. It is not adapted for the A4040 set and the A4048 attendant console.


Technical Charecteristics

            This interface is wired up in parallel on to the UA set link (one kit per UA set is required). The analog output signal and start up command are provided on a 5 pin DIN plug. The modulation level is adjustable by steps: -6, 0, +6, +12 dB.


            See diagram.


            3BD19160AC: this device commands an integrated relay automatically triggered by an incoming call.

            3BD19160AD: it has first the same possibilities as 3BD19160AC and may be connected to an external collecting system that gives identifiers of caller and called number. In this case it requires the optional collecting board 3BD19168AB (manages up to 30 UA sets).


Hardware Provider

            External box with its power converter.


External Additional Equipment (not provided)

            The tape recorder and the software interface on it to get the informations (caller and called number) generated by the 3BD19168AB board.