A.    Hotel


The hotel application embedded in the OmniPCX 4400 offers a complete set of features specific to hotel service, either completely autonomously or associated with the hotel Property Management System (PMS).

1.       Overview

The software, installed in the Alcatel OmniOPCX 4400, fullfills the following requirements:

     handling guest arrivals and departures

     handling group arrivals and departures

     management of wake-up calls with printing of call slips

     billing of calls from rooms

     monitoring, in real time, of pulse credit (deposit mode)

     verification and monitoring of room status

     management of room service

     management of messages waiting

     management of suite (association of five phones max)

2.       Services offered completely autonomously

a.      Telephone

Numbering plan adaptable to hotel configuration (room numbers match their phone numbers):

     Telephone booth station with:

*      direct calls by personal code

*      operator-assisted calls

*      printing of a call slip at the end of a call

     Room phones with:

*      direct access without personal code for rooms with one bed

*      direct access only withpersonal code for rooms with several beds

     Do not disturb:

*      forwarding of room phone to the operator

     Direct dialing inwards (DID) by room

     Blocking of direct access by the operator

     Phone lock by the user

b.      Wake-up call

     Recording, modification, cancellation:

*      from the room phone

*      by room service for a guest

*      by the room service for a group of guests

      Wake-up time confirmation (with Alcatel 4635J voice mail)

     Printing of list of requested wake-up calls

     Response to wake-up call:

*      music or voice guide when phone is picked up, depending on the chosen configuration

*      call slip on printer

     In case of no reply to wake-up call (on free or busy phone):

*      Call again two minutes later (repeat twice)

*      if the second attempts does not work: message on printer

*      wake-up call operational on phones in "do not disturb" position

c.      Message


     Presence of a message on the room phone indicated by flashing message LED

     Deposit and cancellation of messages by the operator

     Consult the message using the room phone: Automatic routing to the message service.

     A list of rooms with messages waiting can be printed on the hotel terminal.

d.      Room service


     No matter where his/her room is, the guest calls the room service corresponding to his/her floor or section by dialing the same phone number.

     The room service set must be a ReflexesTM station.

     When a call comes in on a room service set, the display panel of the station (if equipped) indicates the phone number of the room, the name of the user, the language, the VIP code and the code of the called service.









     Room service can have several different telephone numbers in order to permit room service personnel to identify which service the guest is calling about. Thus, prior to answering the call on their digital station, room service personnel know what the call concerns and can offer personalized service to the guest.















e.      Room management


     Occupancy status

*      occupied

*      vacant

     10 different room statuses manageable by:

*      the hotel terminal

*      the PMS (Property Management System) application through the AHL (Alcatel Hospitality Link)

*      the room set

*      the room service set



*      up-dating by dialing code on the room phone for the room status management service

*      automatic printing on printer of the change in status

*      printing of the status of rooms by the room status management service

f.        Guest directory


Management of the guest directory: in alphabetical order, by room number, search by on administrative sets.

g.      Prepayment (deposit mode)


     Taking initial payment on guest's arrival.

     Guest informed during the call by beep tone when the initial payment reaches zero.

     The call in progress will be cut off and diverted to the attendant.

     Direct access is blocked for the next call.

     Printing call ticket on printer.

     The guest is informed by a voice guide the next time they try to use the phone.

     On the next attempt to make an external call, the guest is automatically routed to the attendant.

h.      Individual check-in


     When the guest arrives, the reception terminal for hotel management requests the entry of the following data:

*      attribution of the DID number

*      mailbox allocation

*      guest number

*      name

*      language spoken

*      personal code

*      VIP attribute

*      type of occupancy of the room

*      value of the initial pre-payment

*      time of wake-up call (if necessary)

*      check-in causes the room status to be updated

*      the client name is changed in the general "call by name" phone book for administrative sets.


i.        Group check-in


The arrival of a group entails the entry of two types of data:

     information common to all the stations of the group: number and name of the group, attribution of the DID number, language code, initial pre-payment, time of wake-up call.

     data specific to each guest in the group: room number, guest number, type of occupancy.

     after entry of data specific to each guest, the room number is automatically written in a distribution format and the "number of rooms for the group" meter increases incrementally.


j.        Guest check-out


Guest check-out is prohibited if the room phone is in use. If not, check-out entails:

     printing a standard bill

     cancellation of direct access

     mailbox deactivation

     notification of number of unread messages.

     cancellation of messages waiting

     cancellation of "do not disturb" and set lock

     change room status from "occupied" to "to be prepared"

k.       Group check-out


Group departure allows check-out to be performed with a single command, after the necessary verifications have been made (same as for guest departure). Check-out entails:


     printing a standard bill for the group followed by standard bills for each group member

     cancellation of the number of the group

     cancellation of messages waiting

     mailbox deactivation

     notification of number of unread messages.

     cancellation of do not disturb

     cancellation of access

     change room status from "occupied" to "to be prepared"

l.        Environment - management peripherals


One printer for any kind of event


m.     Multi-language (optional)


The Alcatel OmniPCX 4400 can manage three languages for telephone set displays and voice guidance.


n.      Voice mail features for hotels


Thanks to the fully integrated A4635J Voice Mail, the system will handle guest and administrative messages.


      multi-language management.

      same password as the personal code.

      mailbox moves when guest changes room.

      hold messages for guests in pre-check-in.

      greeting personalized by guest.

      standard generic greeting.

      simple access to Voice Mail

      indication of message waiting by a flashing LED.

      broadcasting message ( Tour activities, Hotel services ...)


3.       Alcatel Hotel Link (AHL)


The Alcatel OmniPCX 4400 can be connected to a specialized computer by means of an asynchronous, two-way V 24 connection or ethernet TCP/IP 10BaseT.


All the previously described data concerning guests is sent through the AHL to the hotels external application. In addition, the mini-bar status can be managed directly by the maid from the room phone. In case of a crash of the external application, the Alcatel OmniPCX 4400 sends telephone tickets in real time on the printer. The Alcatel OmniPCX 4400 Package s database is synchronized with the external applications data base.









Messages from the Call Server to the external hotel application:

     Call ticket

     Check-in / Check-out


     Voice mail facilities


     Room status change

     Guest telephone account

     Wake-up events

     Acknowlegment, Reply, Control characters, Data transfer











Messages from the external hotel application to the Call Server:

     Check-in / Check-out


     Modification, interrogation, acknowledgement, control characters

     Attribution of voice mail facilities


Many CMS and PMS editors are certified by the Alcatel Applications Partners Program. This ensures compatibility with the AHL protocol.