Alcatel 4400 Technical Documentation Architecture

Alcatel 4400 Technical Documentation Architecture release 1.5.3

The Alcatel 4400 (called the PABX in the rest of this documentation) technical documentation is made up of manuals divided into two main parts:
- reference manuals
- application manuals.

1. Reference Manuals

The reference manuals contain all the information needed by the distribution networks in order to:
- understand overall working
- carry out installation
- ensure management and parametering during cut-in and thereafter
- ensure level 1 and level 2 maintenance (exchange failed boards).

1.1 General Technical Description - Reference: 3BA 19900 AACA Ed.06 Nov.97

This folder is made up of 5 sections:
- Overview: general description of the PABX, its enviroment, modularity, and main characteristics.
- Architecture: description of the hardware architecture of the PABX and its terminals, the dialogues between the PABX and its terminals, as well as a short description of the software architecture of the product.
- Description of services: description of the main facilities and functionality of the PABX, as well as its main connectivity.
- Harware description: description of all the boards making up PABX, as well as the dedicated sets, adapters and converters.
- Glossary: list of acronyms and abbreviations used.

1.2 Installation INST | CTION
1.3 Maintenance
1.4 System Messages
1.5 Database Management

2. Application Manuals

2.1 Internal Applications
2.2 Data Communication
2.3 Alcatel 4630 | Alcatel 4635
2.4 Operation Manual
2.5 Operation Manual " in the field "