For warranty and post warranty service PABX and telephony networks

ALTEL Telecomunicatii provides service, preventative maintenance, repairs and interventions for telephone and network  telephony.

Both the telephone and the telephone network service can be done either as a monthly estimate is based on the interventions on request

The advantages of working in technical assistance (monthly service)
- unlimited number of interventions in case of real problems,
- free technical assistance when installing other equipments bought from other telecommunications companies, equipments   that have physical connection with PABX (eg faxes, modems, premicells, POSes)
- semestrial technical revision,
- free consultations, non-stop
- permanent stock of spare parts, essential to the functioning of PABX
- intervention at the beneficiary a predetermined time for serious problems
- various technical limits reprogramming PBX
- Check the operation of the battery charger and buffer
- Cleaning maintenance PABX
- Diagnosis and repair PABX, its assemblies, operator console, accessories, and digital and analog terminals, however the technical limitations of an effective repair
- Training of technical staff on correct and efficient use of telecommunications equipment and on labor protection comply with the provisions in force
- Required to prepare an estimate for parts needed to solve various malfunction and predictable, estimate that does not include labor
- The obligation to repair, exchange damaged or defective parts with original parts from the manufacturer
- The obligation of accountability and proper execution quality servicing, preventive maintenance, repairs and interventions to telecommunications equipment
- Confirmation of the execution of works for this contract will be made by coins intervention countersigned by both parties, every time you do an intervention