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ALTEL Telecommunications is a company founded in 2002 formed by the former technical department of Alcatel Business Systems Romania, is a distributor of passive equipment from Nexans (formerly Alcatel Cabling Systems), Business Telephone System from Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise (formerly Alcatel Business Systems), active IT equipment from Alcatel Data Networks, Business Telephone Systems Panasonic, NEC Philips, Siemens HiPath, Gigaset, Unify, as well as Wildix, Yeastar and INS Telecommunications Servers. centrale-telefonice-siemens-panasonic.html
- we do our best to have a technical solution for any problem,
- ISO 9001 certified company,
- warranty and post-warranty, fast and non-stop technical assistance,
- professional installation certified by ACS Belgium, Nexans, ABS, NEC Philips, Wildix, Yeastar and INS,
- trained technical staff for Alcatel-Lucent, Nexans, NEC Philips, Wildix, Yeastar and INS equipment,
- 19 years of practical and theoretical experience,
- we offer a complete system in the field of telecommunications,
- the possibility to "buy back", installments or rent the telephone exchange,
- selling in installments, renting telephone exchanges, without banks,
- software and hardware upgrade of all types of telephone exchanges within the possible technical limits
- installation, post-warranty service, extensions, upgrades,
- upgrades and reconfigurations software for all Alcatel PABX,
- PABX Alcatel Telephone Services,
- Alcatel PABX Components.

Telecommunications Server IPPBX INS:

- Vogtec WiFi SIP Phone Cordless D168IW;
- SIP IP Flyingvoice phones;
- Alcatel Phones;
- H-tek Phones;
- Yealink Phones;

Wildix IP Unified Communications :

- PBX Multimedia System;
- VoIP phones;
- W-Air cordless VoIP phone;
- Networking, lines and data storage;
- CTIconnect PRO, CTIconnect Attendant Console, Zero Distance, FAX & SMS Server;

Alcatel Telephone Systems:

- PABX Alcatel 2750 Heimo
- PBX Alcatel 5101 Quark,
- PABX Alcatel 1600 Telic,
- PABX Alcatel 100, Alcatel 4100, Alcatel 4100VS ,
- PABX Alcatel 4210, Alcatel 4220, Alcatel 4200 K+H,
- PABX Alcatel 4200C, Alcatel 4200D, Alcatel 4200E, Alcatel Office,
- PABX Alcatel 5200BCN,
- PABX Alcatel 4400, Alcatel OmniPCX 4400,
- Alcatel-Lucent OmniPCX Office RCE (OXO),
- Alcatel-Lucent OmniPCX Enterprise CS (OXE),

Technical Documentation Alcatel PABX

DHS3 R1 System General Description
Alcatel 4400 Technical Documentation Architecture R1.5.3
Alcatel 4400 Reference Product Description R2.0
• Alcatel Office Techno-Tool for R3.1
• Alcatel Office Participant`s Guide Evolution R2.4 to R3.1
Stock Rarities
Alcatel Telecom Product Catalogue 1998
Phone History.

Alcatel Telephone Systems and Structured Cabling:

Structured cabling Cat5e, Cat6, Cat7, Cat8.1, through the concept called Nexans Cabling Solutions, is an integrated solution that covers the entire data / voice telecommunications infrastructure consisting of:
- Cat5e, Cat6, Cat7, Cat8.1 structured data / voice cabling systems;
- design, logistics and implementation of LANs;
- LAN interconnection, networking;
- Cat5e, Cat6, Cat7, Cat8.1 testing according to ISO 11801;
- fiber optic installations and welds;
- WiFi (wireless) mesh data / voice transmission systems.

Alcatel Digital Phones.

- Alcatel 2838 ISDN VideoPhone
- analog phones Alcatel 2110, 2140, Temporis 10 or 12, 29166, 29376, 29446, 2720, Versatis,
- digital phones Alcatel Delta for PABX Alcatel 5200BCN,
- attendant console Alcatel 4048 for PABX Alcatel 4400
- attendant console Alcatel 4059 for PABX Alcatel OmniPCX 4400;
- analogic GSM interface Premicell Nokia 09i TFE-2, Premicell Nokia 22, Nokia 32, TOPEX MobiLink GSMi.
- hybrid phones Alcatel 4102, 4103, 4104, 4105 T for PABX Alcatel 4100, 4100VS,
- hybrid phones Alcatel 4122, Alcatel 4125 for PABX Alcatel 4100, 4100VS, 4120, 4220, 4200K+H,
- 2G Alcatel Digital Phones Alcatel 4001, 4003, 4011, 4012, 4023, 4034,
- 2G DECT phones Alcatel 4074,
- 2G DECT antenna Alcatel 4070 IA RBS Base Station indoor, remote feeding,
- 3G digital phones Alcatel Reflexes Series 4004 First, 4010 Easy, 4020 Premium, 4035 Advanced,
- 3G DECT phones Alcatel Mobile 100, 200, 200Ex,
- 3G DECT antenna Alcatel 4070 IO IBS DECT Base Station indoor, 4070 EO outdoor,
- digital phones Alcatel-Lucent 9 Series 4019, 4029, 4039,
- VoIP phones Alcatel-Lucent 8 Series 4068, 4038 16M or EE, 4028 16M or EE, 4018, 4008
- DECT phones Alcatel-Lucent DECT 300, 600,
- WiFi phones Alcatel-Lucent DECT VoIP WLAN wireless WiFi: OmniTouch 8118, 8128,
- digital phones Alcatel-Lucent DeskPhone: 8019, 8029, 8039,
- VoIP phones Alcatel-Lucent DeskPhone: 8001, 8001G, 8002, 8008, 8012, 8018, 8028s, 8038, 8058s, 8068s, 8078s, 8082 My IC Phone.
- DECT phones Alcatel-Lucent DECT New Edition: 8212, 8232, 8242, 8262,
- WiFi phones Alcatel-Lucent DECT VoIP WLAN wireless WiFi: IPT 310 WLAN, IPT 610 WLAN,
- antenna AP OmniAccess W-IAP103 Wireless Instant Access Point,
- antenna Alcatel-Lucent 8379 DECT IBS indoor,

Telephone Applications

• Programming Software for Alcatel 4400 PBX: Windows Terminal , Hyper Terminal, Telnet, mgr, TRC, 4730i, 4740, 4755,
• Alcatel PBX Programming Software: Programming Tool v4.09, Admin09, PCMMC, PM5, OMC,
• Automatic Call Distribution (ACD), Call Center Distribution (CCD), OmniTouch Contact Center (OTCC), OmniTouch Unified Communications (OTUC),
Alcatel 4610 Interactive Voice Processing Systems (IVPS),
Alcatel 4615 VMU-OBCA,
Alcatel 4620 Voice Information System (VIS),
Alcatel 4625 Call Processing System,
Alcatel 4635 Voice & Fax Messaging System,
Alcatel 4640 Interactive Voice Response (IVR), Alcatel 4855 Fax Server;
Alcatel 4645 Voice Guide (VG),
• SW for call accounting and charging subscribers Alcatel 4713, 4715, 4740, 4760 Omnivista, 8770
Alcatel Hotel Link (AHL) application that allows connection with the hotel applications Amadeus, Opera or Fidelio, serial link or Ethernet,
• Special programming type hotel, hospital or company Alcatel PBX,
• Elitecost, PIMphony, TAPI server,
• Alcatel Audio Station (AAS), Cellular Client Application (CCA), Alcatel 4645 Voice Guides (VG), Guides Voice System, UA Extender 4051/4052, VoWLAN,
Alcatel UA Recording Interface,
Business Telephone Systems Networking by VPN, Tie Line, rental lines, subscriber/trynk or FXO, FXS SIP or H323 equipments. The conversations between offices are free.
Alcatel-Lucent Rainbow.
Alcatel Professional Services - WiFi Services.

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